Hey everyone! Gen here!

SO – the game is still in progress, but moving along quickly! There is indeed a pre-alpha version available to staff as was mentioned in a previous post, but there are still scripts of chatter and communication direction in the works as the levels are edited. Still, it’s amazing to be part of a project and see it coalesce into a cohesive product!!! It’s an exciting time!!!

Personally, I’m also having a bit of fun exploring new skills and practicing existing ones. Currently taking a Python programming class with MIT through edX…so will see how that turns out. (Obviously you can all see I’m all about online learning and alternate education along with the traditional. It’s helpful, especially when you have a busy schedule.)

But besides that, I’m exploring some concept art and perspective practice…if you wish to follow what I’m doing art-wise, my Instagram is primarily for that sort of thing: g.d.franco. Check it out if interested! Currently trying to improve with environment sketches and three-point perspective.

Speaking of art and games…very soon, I will be broadcasting a Twitch series on concept art, writing and a handful of reaction Let’s Plays. Mostly art and storyboarding, though. Upon the startup, I’ll be creating content for Legacy’s universe, specifically. Again, if you are interested, keep an eye out for the channel gdfrancoart. Coming soon!

Haha – lots of self-promotion in this post. But it’s an FYI, if you all are interested. No pressure!

Also, a question for anyone: does anyone want to see Legacy on a particular social media platform? There is Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook already, but is anyone particularly interested in a Legacy-centric Instagram? Or even later on, a newsletter production booklet of some type? Just throwing about some more ideas.





Happy 2017!

Hey everyone! Gen here!

Hope everybody had a lovely New Year’s! I think most of us are happy to start afresh, and not unwilling to let 2016 pass us by. But lots of great things happened too; lots of milestones made, social issues brought to the forefront, environment and animal protections and of course, our art/entertainment industry is growing and changing for the better.

And so have its independents! 😀

A lot is planned for 2017 for us, so this year should prove to be exciting in that regard. As for one of the initial goals for this year, the official trailer for Futuretech Flight Academy will be coming together! That will definitely be thrilling to see!

Otherwise, at least for my corner, working on final touches to that trailer script and storyboard set. It is mostly organizing and re-editing the content I have for Legacy after that!

Will blog again soon with updates!


PAX EAST 2016!

Gen here!

PAX East 2016 was a blast! This post is a little delayed because unfortunately, I contracted the “Pax Plague” and was sick as a dog for nigh on two weeks right after I returned home from Boston. BUT I HAVE NOW RETURNED TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING.

The convention itself was great – it was my first time ever to any sort of Con, and I had a wonderful time. For most of it, I helped man the booth for Legacy, but the rest of the time was dedicated to exploring the vast space. There were hundreds of new games, both indie and not, and everyone I spoke to was extremely kind and enthusiastic about being there. Very crowded during all three days; but that spoke to the zeal of the audience for videogames – within Boston, especially the transportation locals, it was nice to see the convention goers with their badges proudly displayed and having fun. It was just really a good time, overall! Worth the trip!!

But in relation to Legacy, specifically, our booth looked amazing and we received a steady stream of people curious about the game. It was the same for those who played the element demo! It’s definitely encouraging that people were intrigued — and even more encouraging that they had primarily favorable responses to the gameplay! We had a system for feedback; a simple 10-question survey that they had the option to fill out with questions relating to the game, what they want to see in it, and to gauge their level of interest. Nearly every person who played the demo generously provided us with feedback! Some developers left us their cards, which was exciting!

(I took some turns playing the demo too! It was so much fun and satisfying to see how far we’ve come and to experience some part of the near-end product!)

Tori, one of my fellow interns, had even cosplayed as an EDU soldier, she got quite a bit of praise for that!! It was an awesome way to generate interest and advertise the game!! She looked spectacular!

An excellent, successful trip, I’d say! I would definitely go again, once I generate the funds, of course.

And this time I will know to bring vitamins and antiseptic.

Lots of antiseptic!

Pictures on Tumblr and Facebook!

A Happy Mishmash Post!

Hi guys! It’s Gen again!

This is going to be a post of a number of things; a lot has been happening, as all of you well know – if you’ve kept up with the last couple of posts! (This one was supposed to be another February addition; mea culpa.) There are PAX East preparations (I’m so excited and a little nervous too – this will be my first convention of ANY sort. I know, I know – I’m a newbie), the upcoming pre-alpha demo that will be shown off and playable in April, and then in my area — the completion of the cutscene scripts. YAAY!

To start, I just want to say a little something about this entire gaming world. For any writers out there, or aspiring writers/artists with a passion for games who don’t think their work is applicable for the gaming world, I just have to tell you: that is not true.

Now, of course there are variables that should match, or match enough, like a passion for what you’re doing or a similar vision/interest as what the focus of the project is, just like there has to be a matching element in jobs with their employees. But, if you want to join the industry, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. I was lucky – I did not have much experience with games when I was first hired, but I had some knowledge, an interest in the genre and a huge passion for storytelling. I wished to find an avenue to be a part of a collaborative creative project where I could contribute my skills. And here I am!

I think a large part of it all is to fully know what you can do, what you are willing to learn how to do and how you can apply those talents to what you want to do. This is oftentimes very difficult, but it is necessary work. This will make it clearer to yourself and whoever may end up assessing you. Another factor is constant application to various positions, much like job hunting, in which you can demonstrate those abilities. But these days, with games quickly growing into a massive industry that is soon to rival or actually does rival film and literature, there are many opportunities out there that must be hunted down. Just don’t give up and try not to be disheartened by rejection or refusals. Harder to do than to say, but it’s true. In the mean time, just keep learning. Keep trying to advance your knowledge, do more. And keep applying. This industry is growing constantly, incorporating tons of people with talent and skills you might not expect – you never know who may have need of you.

Okay. Big lecture is over.

Now for a happy bit! The cutscenes are done!! YAAAY!!!! Finally, right? It’s a benchmark that has been reached! A level that has been completed. (Ha.) But of course, it is still not entirely over. They may need revision even so. If there is one thing about creating a game, and being a cog in the machine that is creating it, it is that shifts are made all the time. So that is to be expected. But for now, they are done. Now to start on altering the game design document…



Hey all!!

Just some thoughts and discoveries from one of the game writers! Particularly on an interesting subject. Muahaha.


Aside from our protagonists in the story, we have quite a few villains – or some “grayer” characters that provide opposition in some way to our heroes/heroines. These figures create tension, which engages the audience’s attention and interest in the story. Usually, the more complex the relationship, the more engaged the audience will be. Of course, there are quite a few other variables involved, as well as a balance of information and intensity to invoke the general player’s peak enjoyment, but that is another lecture for another day, haha. Depending on the type of game, the villains or villainous force(s) may vary from simplistic and flat to dynamic and complicated. As is in the case of Legacy, there are multiple storylines with obstacles for each one – and they are brought together in the end. There is also one or more villains for each part; we have included the “ultimate evil” character, a sympathetic if psychotic antagonist, a charismatic yet brutal religious leader, an invisible traitor, and one who has to decide where their loyalty lies…

In the midst of writing each story, in blending and tying everything together in one coherent mass, it was both surprising and not to realize how in-depth and how different each opposing character actually was. In theory, it’s easy to imagine the diverse aspects that have essentially built each one, such as background, personality, function, motivation, etc; but when it’s time to convey that within tight dialogue and limited cutscene material, it’s an entirely new organism, so to speak. There is an extremely brief amount of time dedicated to each; in some cases, not even a spotlight or a voyeuristic point of view.

It’s painful, too – to an extent. Aside from the ultimate evil, most of these creatures are incredibly damaged, with varying levels of relatability. They reflect their environments, the needs of the beings they are in contact with, and they are ultimately a product of maligned progress, each and every one. At the risk of sounding too pretentiously deep, each personified obstacle to “good” and/or to our protagonists represents some problematic, overarching, humanist topic; either political or social or mental. Or a combo.

But I suppose that’s the goal, eh? We’ll see how well they are conveyed, in any case! The ultimate judge is the audience after all, and all we can do is have fun and improve on the way!


Sometimes…Life Gets in the Way…

Hey guys!

Gen here, emerging from a hibernation of sorts — that frustrating, lackluster period of near-stuntedness that is writer’s block. It afflicts all of us creatives at some point, this pesky Block, whether what you do is indeed writing, art, programming, design or anything else that requires the complex brain processes involved in creating something. Countless people can relate with their own experiences of this annoying phenomenon.

It’s difficult to become inspired again during a Block period like this, especially when there seem to be multiple reasons and contributing factors to its shelflife – such as the insertion of real life! That’s a common problem that crops up when your work takes place in the imaginary; is of the imaginary. Reality must take precedence, of course. Jobs, school, interpersonal relationships that need work, etc. The list is endless. It is all too easy to fall into a schedule, a pattern that either surrounds this unintentional idleness or encourages it, too.

The best thing to do, I suppose, is to just relax about it for a time, but then try to focus yourself in various ways. There’s no right way to go about that – in fact, even relaxing about it may not work for some people. Sometimes trying to force your way through it may work, sometimes lallygagging and doodling around may work, perhaps a new set of movies/shows to watch to get ideas, writing a journal to get the juices flowing, meeting a new person with new perspectives on things, etc.

Sometimes it may be months before you suddenly feel an itch to get something done and voila – you’ve completed that novel you’ve been dragging your feet on, or you’ve finished that computer program or comic book.

Or video game. XD

We are stronger than the Block!!! We will get through it!!! Just remind yourself of what you love to do, and why you love to do it. And work at it – what was that quote again by Thomas Edison?

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”



Cool article about rpg’s…

Hey guys. 

I just read this article and thought I’d share it since it really rings true for anyone who is a fan of rpg’s. 


For news about the game, today I squared away a deal for all of the music tracks for the game, as well as the up-coming teaser trailer…which is only a few weeks away!

Stay tuned…