Tough Balancing Act

Hey guys!

As you might have read a few posts back that I have thrown my hat into the podcasting ring with . It’s an entertainment new and commentary show that focuses on three separate areas: movies, tv, and of course video games. At first it was to be another way for me to get the word out about my own game (in the self-sponsoring section of each episode), and so far it has really been a fun, entertaining side gig!

The problem that has arisen though is the fact that, if I am going to review video games, I need to PLAY video games. Up until now I have refrained from playing games mostly since it took away from time I felt needed to be dedicated to developing my own game. With the podcast, however, this is something that has become impossible.

Now I have to walk a fine line between setting aside time for game development and time for the podcast. One thing it has made me do, which is a huge positive, is force me to be much better at prioritizing and time management. Also, since I have gone back to working from home full time on my projects instead of splitting it with a part time job, I am more able to give both projects the devotion they both need. It’s tough, but definitely worth it.

Make sure to listen in and hear what I’ve been up to in our next podcast episode!


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