Starting a Podcast soon!

Hey guys!

Some exciting news to share. In a couple of weeks I will be launching an entertainment news & reviews podcast called “DadHat Entertainment News and Reviews”!

Each episode, three Gen-X’ers (Derek Lloyd, Kristian Montgomery, and myself) will each present a single entertainment news topic representing their respective fields of expertise (movies, music, and video games). Each host will give┬átheir personal thoughts on the matter, and then the topic will be open to discussion between the three of us.

It is going to be a fun experiment in trying to reach new audiences so that we can each put the word out on what’s new, fresh, and fun…as well as a place to plug our individual brands. I hope you all get a chance to listen to our first episode coming out in a few weeks…probably the first weekend in October…and follow us along.

Hope to see you there!