Don’t forget the not-so-fun details!

Hey guys!

Usually I have focused on giving you all updates and suggestions that pertain directly to the development of video games (art, coding, story, etc). While that is typically the work that takes up the majority of my time…and is undoubtedly the most fun…there are also many other responsibilities that fall upon a game designer that don’t quite fit into that illustrious category. I wanted to take a little time today (since that is what I am working on right now) to remind you of.

Part of making this thing all work is the extra pieces that come with running an actual business (ex. creating and maintaining websites, setting up off-site data storage and backups, acquiring copyrights and securing intellectual properties, etc). It is the devil in the details that can become that part of the game devs responsibilities that can creep up and bite you in the ass…and usually the part of your ass that you keep your wallet!

Remember to keep a schedule of all your responsibilities outside of the development of the game itself and to set constant reminders. There are website domain fees to renew, data storage fees to pay on a regular basis, payments to keep your IP protections current and secure, and many many more. Don’t get lazy and end up paying extra hundreds of dollars (which was the case with me and my copyright issues) for things that are easily maintained as long as you put a little effort and prep work into it.

BY taking steps now to prevent the little stuff from either slipping by unnoticed or just building up to a head, you will be thanking yourself later on. Trust me!