More Multiplayer Headaches

Hi guys.

Time for another update on my progress on the PvP version of FUTURETECH. Well…things seem to go back and forth between great progress and “how the heck do I get this thing to work”! Right now there is a small issue of getting the right replication settings for some of the weapons on the Manta. It seems every configuration of settings I use does not seem to work just right. For now it is just a matter of trial and error until I get them to work correctly I guess. The problem is that the only way to actually get a realistic test of the functionality each time is to actually fire up the game on two separate laptops and sign in thru the Steam network. This take quite a bit of time between game loads. As my father-in-law would say…”it IS what it IS!” Just gonna keep plugging away at it for now. Wish me luck!