Sorry I missed March!

Hey guys!

So sorry I missed posting for the month of March. It was one of those months that was full of unexpected challenges (both professional and personal) and I just lost track of time!

To get back on track, let me get you guys up to speed on what I am currently working on. While the rest of the team is working on creating more content for FUTURETECH, I have started learning and coding for the next iteration of the game…which will be implementing some multiplayer PvP functionality. It’s been a challenge as well, but I am finally getting a handle on using UE4 version 4.16 and it listen server capabilities.

The full nature of the gameplay that will involve the multiplayer aspect I am still keeping quiet for now. If I can get it to work the way I want, I can honestly say it’s going to be something pretty unique and special!

Anyways, that’s what we are working on for now. I promise to try and keep these posts on a regular monthly basis like I have been doing for almost 6 years now. See you in May!