Some well deserved downtime

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. During the months of September and October our team was super busy from all angles. We had the Kickstarter going on, as well as a lot of level building and vehicle development. I cannot stress enough how much my colleagues on this project pour so much energy and love into what we are building together. That said, I also understand it’s also a really hard juggling act for some of them due to work, school, and life in general.

Because of all those factors I decided that the entire team needed a break to recharge their batteries, so they are getting the entire month of November off! I cannot think of any other group of people who deserve it more.

I am still going to be plugging away at some aspects of the project myself, but at a limited pace. I apologize for the slowdown in social media posts during this time. I will try to get some updates on our Facebook and Twitter when I get them done.

After the break, we will be tackling a lot of work again in the month of December to close out the year strong! Thanks again for following along with us on our journey of creation and inspiration!



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