Readying the Kickstarter and Searching for Interns!

Hi everyone!

Futuretech: Space Combat Academy is about to get on Kickstarter by the end of July! Exciting! To all who have been following our project – thank you so much! We hope to see you guys interested in our tier packages when the campaign goes live…we’ll have art stuff, T-shirts, stickers and more for you!

Also: this is the last chance to request any kind of paraphernalia! Have something in mind you want to see in a reward tier? Let us know either here in the comments or on our Facebook!



Social Media Marketing/Brand Copy Intern

Right now, imminently, we are looking for someone who is interested and/or has experience in marketing – specifically to online communities and managing that via social media. This involves creating engaging posts regularly, communicating with followers, updating the visuals, coming up with ideas for popularity influx – like contests/polls/giveaways, designing/sending out newsletters and emails when needed, and various clerical duties.

Even better if they are familiar with the Kickstarter campaign process! We need someone who enjoys exploring ways to interest the public in a product (ergo, a game – our game, haha) and help us elevate it!

You would also be listed in the game credits as part of the team! 😀


Kickstarter Research is no Joke

Hi guys!

Just checking in to let you know that our Kickstarter will be on it’s way this summer, and that the planning for it is quite the endeavor! For people who might think it’s all just about figuring out what you need to make the game itself…there’s soooo much more to it!

One thing that kind of shocked me is how much of the funds are just for rewards fulfillment. Granted, if you don’t have any physical rewards it would bring the cost down, but that would be kind of boring…I mean who doesn’t want cool swag?!

On top of that cost you have the percentages that go to Kickstarter, the credit card processing service, game engine royalties, shipping costs, unexpected expenses, etc. The thing is you need to be prepared for all of it…so researching these costs is key!

Anyways, I thought I would share that little tid-bit of crowd source funding knowledge with you. I hope you all appreciate the effort when we launch it in late July/ early August.

Talk to you again soon!