Post PAX fixes and updates

Hey guys!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since our return from PAX EAST, and I have been busy updating the game build based on all the player feedback.

I just quickly wanted to list a few of the fixes/changes/updates for you here:

  1. Fixed “disappearing” mouse issue. Mouse would suddenly become invisible when clicked in a random area on the screen. That was VERY annoying when demoing the game!
  2. Fixed (mostly) issue of mouse escaping the game window. It’s much better now, but still needs some more research into the UE4 forums to get it nailed down tight.
  3. Fixed the plasma cannon getting stuck in firing mode. During PAX, players using the Barracuda would be shooting the plasma cannon and then it would just stay on…with or without hitting the fire button. The only way to get it to shut off at the convention when this happened was the intentionally “overheat” it.
  4. Added a “control sensitivity” slider. This allows the player to make the responsiveness of either the mouse or gamepad thumbsticks “low” or “high” based on user preference.
  5. Added an “invert flight controls” radio button. Now with just one click you can set the pitch controls for either positive or negative angle response.
  6. Made the mission selection screen a little more intuitive. During PAX, it seemed like a few players would have to search around the screen for a few seconds to see what to do in order to select a level to play. I’ve added an animated feature that draws the players eyes directly to the “Select A Mission Number” tutor prompt.

Well, that’s most of what I’ve been working on since PAX. There are a few more play-tester suggested items left to work on still, but nothing too complicated.

If you want to hear how PAX went in general, please check out my last few posts on our Facebook page. To boil it down…it was definitely worth the price of admission! 😉

Talk to you again soon!