Happy New Year!

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!!! Yes, a bit late, but I wish it none the less.

So now that we are entering 2018, I wanted to take a minute to get you guys caught up on where the production of FUTURETECH SPACE COMBAT ACADEMY is at.

First off, we have been given official notice that the name of our minigame is officially registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office! It will be published in their February 8th official trademark gazette. Once the game goes public and available for sale (which we are shooting for late 2018 to happen) the trademark becomes finalized. This will then allow us to put the little “R” in place of the standard “TM” next to the title! Oh…and…other legal stuff. 😉

Second, we will be presenting the updated pre-alpha demo of FUTURETECH at PAX East in Boston this spring! The event is from April 4th -7th at the BCEC (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center) near the bay. Anyone can come by our booth #24118 and try out the game demo. As of now I have two levels fully completed and ready to play, with two more in the works which should be done by the convention dates.

Currently I have been knee deep in blueprint coding inside the UE4 editor. The game will have a rank and score system in play, which is what I have been working on the past week or so. After a few snags, I have the two systems working pretty smoothly. As players earn points for completing objectives, destroying enemies, and completing specific tasks, the points will go towards earning rank designations and, eventually, unlocking special weapons and defenses.

Lastly, progress is slow but steady with the games voice over scripts and audio recordings. With so much working being done in the game engine for the coding, I have had to slow down the work on the voice overs unfortunately. However, with our main writer Genevieve on a short hiatus, I have taken over the job of writing some of the generic pilot dialogue for the actors. It’s slow going, but they are in the pipeline.

Ok…that’s pretty much it for now. I’ll work hard to get another update out next month so you guys can stay up-to-date with our progress. Thanks for reading and staying on-board with FUTURETECH and LEGACY!


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