Sorry for the radio silence!

Hey there…

I am so mad at myself for not setting aside time to post an update during the months of September and October! I truly apologize to you guys! I’ve been juggling a few things at once during that time and let the blog slip unfortunately.

As for what I have been working on recently…

I actually have begun working with our voice actors again, which is very exciting! For Futuretech…our lead actor Brandon Lamar and I have been working together to bang out the majority of the main “cutscene” dialogue. I gotta say, Brandon is a natural! Rarely do I ever need to ask him for a retake. I started calling him the “One-Take Wonder” lol!

We also had one of our very first contributors come back to the project after a year long hiatus. Lauren Heward is one of the most gifted actresses I have ever known! I’m super excited that she is reprising the role of Ayesha.

On the game engine front, I have been working hard to get the player HUD and menu UI coding to work properly in UE4. So far so good. Once I got that under control, my focus has now switched to the AI directors…basically bots that control the enemy ships in each of the game levels.

There has also been early prep for PAX East 2018 in Boston next spring. Our booth will be setting up shop again on the convention floor with a new, larger demo of the mini-game. We will also have new contests, prizes, and swag in store.

Ok…I hope I have gotten you guys up to speed well enough for now. Time for me to dive right back into it. More info coming soon…I promise!