A Trailer in the Making!

Hey everyone!

Gen here!

So lately what I’ve been working on – in addition to a lot of other things – is the writing and storyboards for a spot reveal trailer for Legacy Futuretech Flight Academy. These tend to run about a minute to a minute-thirty seconds. Teasers tend to be shorter, around thirty seconds. Although of course, these terms are not absolute and a teaser may be two minutes while a spot may be one. It depends. Especially between large, multi-million studios and, say, indie ones. 😀

For writers – and artists too, with visual language – the formulaic plot line is your best friend. Or rather, becomes your best friend very quickly when it comes to writing or drawing up anything visual for trailers. You know, that witch’s hat structure that English teachers have drilled into your brain: Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action, Resolution.

Although an enduring trend nowadays is to either end on a climactic note – because obviously companies want you to be hooked and want to know what happens next – or to avoid too much resolution, especially if the franchise and/or game is character based. It’s interesting, and makes sense. This format works very well; it’s comforting, the audience is used to it, and there is an assured effect that comes from utilizing it well enough – people are intrigued by your product. This goes for films too.

Just some thoughts here at the start of November!