Hey guys! Gen here!

Just thought I’d check in again; let you all know what’s happening –

Been taking an additional art class with CGMA (the 2D Academy; they’ve got a whole other 3D Academy, too) to improve artistic skills, along with a (albeit slow-going) screenwriting course with MasterClass and some Udemy and Coursera videogame structure courses on the side of this internship.

The class I took with CGMA was Environment Sketching, which has now just ended and was awesome; I definitely learned a lot. The instructor was Dzu Nguyen, who is a freelance concept artist and illustrator in the videogame industry.

If anyone has the funds and wants to take an intensive art class online from professionals in the industry, I’d go with CGMA. The forums may not be so active depending on the students’ schedules, but there are chats which are pleasant and generally helpful, along with weekly Q&A videos with the instructors (Those are really great!) And honestly, if you can put forth the effort from home, then it’s worth the money.

ALSO, as mentioned in the previous blog post, there’s a publishing internship I’m doing for six months (well, about four and a half to go, now) that will help gain some insight into the traditional publishing/editing world of an independent press. This is something I am doing for myself AND for this internship, if that makes sense. (Before I even found this work with Polyfountain Media – waaay back when I had just graduated from college, I thought I would go into editing/publishing. It was a major interest and I had done some undergraduate work in designing/editing spreads for multiple campus publications, submitting pieces and being a cartoonist for a section of the main newspaper.)

For now, I wanted to have some additional experience in that field that could apply to what we’re doing here – what with the sheer extent of Legacy’s lore. It’s really become a vast world; there’s the Futuretech Flight Academy lore, which ties into the main feature game’s lore, and there’s also intense world-building being done by a fellow intern, Summer. There’s some really great projects in progress!

So. In other words: keeping busy! Haha.

But really, as far as I’ve ‘researched’ through podcasts, creative career fairs, job hunting and even from my experience at PAX this past spring…creative careers tend to require more from you. Especially the gaming world – and that’s okay. But it’s something to keep in mind for a career path in a fairly new, quickly-evolving and multi-purpose field.