Some Intern Thoughts and Updates!

Gen here!

Just some things!

The cutscenes for the mini-game so far are written; the only thing is to perform some minor edits and whatever else is required for them to flow with the rest of the game itself. As per the process, the writing/story creation¬†provides only¬†one part of the whole product; the rest of it is of course the visuals, designs, animations, gameplay, and all the research and trial and error that go along with it in the background. Also as per the process, if there are any elements in the artistic or gameplay development that are later established as essential, the story may be altered so as to reconcile with such changes. It’s a continuous back and forth.

BUT, the first drafts are complete. YAY!

Additionally, there are plans to pursue a novelization of certain aspects of the game’s story. This is where some news comes in – readers who have kept up with our production blog and our Facebook page may know I’ve got a day job working at a museum, but now I’ve also acquired a short internship with a publishing house at the same time. This is a good way to gain experience in the publishing process, particularly a self-publishing angle where marketing and promotional work is mostly done by the author. The goal for this is to bring more skills and knowledge to the Legacy table!!