PAX EAST 2016!

Gen here!

PAX East 2016 was a blast! This post is a little delayed because unfortunately, I contracted the “Pax Plague” and was sick as a dog for nigh on two weeks right after I returned home from Boston. BUT I HAVE NOW RETURNED TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING.

The convention itself was great – it was my first time ever to any sort of Con, and I had a wonderful time. For most of it, I helped man the booth for Legacy, but the rest of the time was dedicated to exploring the vast space. There were hundreds of new games, both indie and not, and everyone I spoke to was extremely kind and enthusiastic about being there. Very crowded during all three days; but that spoke to the zeal of the audience for videogames – within Boston, especially the transportation locals, it was nice to see the convention goers with their badges proudly displayed and having fun. It was just really a good time, overall! Worth the trip!!

But in relation to Legacy, specifically, our booth looked amazing and we received a steady stream of people curious about the game. It was the same for those who played the element demo! It’s definitely encouraging that people were intrigued — and even more encouraging that they had primarily favorable responses to the gameplay! We had a system for feedback; a simple 10-question survey that they had the option to fill out with questions relating to the game, what they want to see in it, and to gauge their level of interest. Nearly every person who played the demo generously provided us with feedback! Some developers left us their cards, which was exciting!

(I took some turns playing the demo too! It was so much fun and satisfying to see how far we’ve come and to experience some part of the near-end product!)

Tori, one of my fellow interns, had even cosplayed as an EDU soldier, she got quite a bit of praise for that!! It was an awesome way to generate interest and advertise the game!! She looked spectacular!

An excellent, successful trip, I’d say! I would definitely go again, once I generate the funds, of course.

And this time I will know to bring vitamins and antiseptic.

Lots of antiseptic!

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