Start New Level. (Sort of)


Gen here!

Just dropping in to share more of the game progress, at least in my part of the writing area!

At the moment, there are a few projects being worked on, but they pertain more to the methodical aspect than creative. At my day job, I work at a museum in a sort of open secretarial/retail-esque position. This of course, includes quite a bit of multitasking and a lot of customer service. However it further involves interpretation of substantial information, task organization and execution of solutions to problems. So…there are tons of record-keeping strategies, lots of paperwork and office thingies to do, etc.

This sort of thing is also part of the game process. I know, I know — that’s common sense, right? Everyone knows that, or figures that it’s part of reality. Well, yes. It is. So far, I’m starting officially on the central game design document, now that most of the content is fairly fixed in nature. There is still much to finish, but the main storyline is hashed out, there is a set artistic design to the worlds and characters, there is some gameplay staged out…

So. It is time.

Now, I’ve been taking some online classes to educate myself more about the gaming world and specifically how one operates within a game design team, where the goal is to produce a game. This is how I’ve learned that it is essential to create a central document that describes everything about the game: how it will work, the story, the synopsis, the information sheets about anything relevant or extra to the story, the level stage designs, the movement patterns/plans, research to reference, concept art, etc. It should all be included.

Technically we have all been doing that, but in more contributive sense through shared documents and information items. However, it is time for a condensed, cleaner version. This particular game is heavily story-based, so a clear point of reference is needed: like an encyclopedia of sorts. The game design document is a reference blueprint of the game itself.




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