A Happy Mishmash Post!

Hi guys! It’s Gen again!

This is going to be a post of a number of things; a lot has been happening, as all of you well know – if you’ve kept up with the last couple of posts! (This one was supposed to be another February addition; mea culpa.) There are PAX East preparations (I’m so excited and a little nervous too – this will be my first convention of ANY sort. I know, I know – I’m a newbie), the upcoming pre-alpha demo that will be shown off and playable in April, and then in my area — the completion of the cutscene scripts. YAAY!

To start, I just want to say a little something about this entire gaming world. For any writers out there, or aspiring writers/artists with a passion for games who don’t think their work is applicable for the gaming world, I just have to tell you: that is not true.

Now, of course there are variables that should match, or match enough, like a passion for what you’re doing or a similar vision/interest as what the focus of the project is, just like there has to be a matching element in jobs with their employees. But, if you want to join the industry, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. I was lucky – I did not have much experience with games when I was first hired, but I had some knowledge, an interest in the genre and a huge passion for storytelling. I wished to find an avenue to be a part of a collaborative creative project where I could contribute my skills. And here I am!

I think a large part of it all is to fully know what you can do, what you are willing to learn how to do and how you can apply those talents to what you want to do. This is oftentimes very difficult, but it is necessary work. This will make it clearer to yourself and whoever may end up assessing you. Another factor is constant application to various positions, much like job hunting, in which you can demonstrate those abilities. But these days, with games quickly growing into a massive industry that is soon to rival or actually does rival film and literature, there are many opportunities out there that must be hunted down. Just don’t give up and try not to be disheartened by rejection or refusals. Harder to do than to say, but it’s true. In the mean time, just keep learning. Keep trying to advance your knowledge, do more. And keep applying. This industry is growing constantly, incorporating tons of people with talent and skills you might not expect – you never know who may have need of you.

Okay. Big lecture is over.

Now for a happy bit! The cutscenes are done!! YAAAY!!!! Finally, right? It’s a benchmark that has been reached! A level that has been completed. (Ha.) But of course, it is still not entirely over. They may need revision even so. If there is one thing about creating a game, and being a cog in the machine that is creating it, it is that shifts are made all the time. So that is to be expected. But for now, they are done. Now to start on altering the game design document…


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