In the “Directors” chair.

Hey guys!

Just taking my lunchtime break to post about the more technical side of what I have been working on lately. In order for the game to run more efficiently, I am currently designing what I call the “AI Ship Director”. What it will do is take inventory of all the ships in the level, determine the number of ships there are for each type, get their locations, damage and speed stats, as well as a few other things. Then, it will be able to provide this information to all of the AI ships in the level, allowing them to make informed cause and effect style decisions during battle.

When I first started making the space combat level, each ship was doing these calculations for themselves all at the same time…eating up a ton of memory! By having all of this information being handled by just one game asset, it saves on memory and speeds up gameplay tremendously!

That’s all I have for now. Lunch is over and it’s back to work. Give you guys more updates soon!