Coming Along!

Hi guys!

Gen here! Haven’t posted something in a while, but writerly things are evolving! Slowly. XD

On the story side of things — at least, for this first glimpse into the universe that Legacy has become in the last year or so — the pre-existing storyboards and scripts are being redone, reshaped and edited.

AGAIN? Yes, always again.

I know, it is redundant and tedious to keep track of edit on top of edit, but it shows just how much rehashing you have to do in order for the final pieces to fit together cohesively. I say “final pieces,” but that’s not really true. Even if the story and the scenes get to a point of a good flow, decent narrative and engaging elements, this is still subject to the changing visuals and the voice acting. Nuances in the tone, facial and bodily expressions in the characters, how they move, how they look, what the scene is, how the scene is laid out, the colors, the lighting, the actual gameplay of course — I could go on, but all these aspects contribute to our perception and [if not conscious, then unconscious] analysis of the story.

This motto of sorts goes for any project, but I think it applies quite heavily to the creation of a game, because of the numerous and particularly diverse pieces that make the end product what it is: be prepared to edit constantly.

Even at the very last second, something could come up to change a direction in the story – whether it is an artist’s inspiration involving an altered setting, or a weapon design featuring a new type of technology, or even a gap in a plotline that was forgotten or unnoticed and needs to be filled before anyone else notices it! XD

But you know, that’s what constant editing is for.


Taking a shot at the Epic Games Dev Grants

Hi guys!

In case you haven’t heard, Epic Games has announced that it has created a $5 million dollar grant fund for developers using Unreal Engine 4. Based on the project, they will be awarding grants ranging from between $5,000 to $50,000…that is pretty exciting news, since Legacy is being developed on UE4’s amazing game engine!

So I’ve been working on a grant proposal to send to Epic Games. Here’s a sample of the info pack I’m putting together to send them…


What do you guys think? Keep your fingers crossed for us…any grant funding we might receive will put us that much closer to making Legacy a reality. I’ll let you guys know if anything comes of it.