Bucket Head!

Hi there!

Getting back to some design work today. Just finished modeling the new alien race character type, along with some very early texture work. For today’s project, I am modeling out and sculpting their battle helmet. Our concept artist Roselyn came up with a great design for it! Can’t wait to get that baby into ZBrush to flesh out all the fine details.


This enemy type will be very melee-heavy…if you couldn’t tell. Some very interesting weapon sets are in the works for this bruiser…stay tuned! 😉


Idea for Kickstarter rewards.

Hey guys!

So one of the things I’ve been doing this month has been working on ideas for rewards to give to people for donating to our inevitable Kickstarter. There are some really amazing characters and creatures in LEGACY, so one thing that came to mind was limited edition display figurines. The problem was finding a time and cost effective way to get them made.  I originally thought of having an artisan sculpt and mold them, but the quotes I was getting were astronomical! Sometimes even, they would say that it wasn’t cost effective for them to make them for such a small run…which I understand…but was nevertheless frustrating to hear.

After digging around a bit, I came up with a great solution. There is a company online that will 3D print just about anything you want (within size parameters) using full color 3D printers, for a fraction of the cost of the artisan estimates! Not only that, but they guarantee delivery within 3 days! The fact that the order fulfillment is built-in makes me very happy!

So, what I plan on doing is choosing from some of the more iconic characters and vehicles from the game and coming up with a final choice to be a limited run of specific-tier Kickstartrer rewards. Pretty cool huh?! It will fit nicely on any nerdy nick-knack display! Or you can do what I plan on doing with it…making it run around on my work station while making “pew pew” noises. 😉