Story Complete.

It has been long.

It has been difficult.

It is still to be edited.

BUT, the plotline for Legacy is finished!!! This is a pretty sizable milestone; of course there are still going to be tweaks here and there, especially when game mechanics and level design come into play, since visuals  and gameplay lend their own layer of meaning to the experience, but so far the story is complete.

It is a delightful monster of a document, and that’s only the outline which marks major cutscenes, game missions and graphic novel inserts.

There’s a lot to do with this outline. Completely revamping old storyboards, rewriting old scripts, etc. But that will all come in time. What is important is the foundation and confirming its integrity before building lots upon it.


Another year under the belt. Here we come 2015!!!

Hey all!

So, I think I can confidently say that 2014 was a very productive year for LEGACY’s production. The team produced a staggering amount of content, considering the amount of time each member typically had to work on their assignments this past year. Some of the more note-worthy achievements were as follows…

– The first installment of the series of graphic novels (which are to be unlockable content within the game) was completed. It is both beautiful and riveting!

– The main storyline has finally been outlined and approved! So many twists and turns…can’t wait to share with the world!

– The complete first set of modern weapons (minus the “heavy weapon” slot) available for the human player characters to use in-game have been modeled and textured. My current favorite is the shotgun!

– Several key modeling “A-pose” sheets have been created. This is a big development for me, since it has allowed me to begin modeling some major character and NPC assets.

– The “universal head” pipeline has been successfully implemented. Our organic modeler has been hard at work now creating three fully fleshed out character heads!

– One of the main environments in the game…the “Hammerhead” cruiser hanger bay…is nearly completed! Once that is done, it will be the main focus for me to convert into the very first playable demo map.

– The human soldier character mesh has been successfully imported into the Unreal 4 engine, along with two “test” weapons ( the assault rifle and the sniper rifle). The character has been rigged and is fully controllable in-game. The assault rifle is close to fully useable…complete with muzzle flash and working laser dot sight.

– The official “Teaser Poster” is currently being printed as a limited run.

– The lore/backstory for the world has been mapped out. This, in and of itself, would make a great game! 😉

There has been a lot of other stuff that has been done…just too much to write…which has me very excited about 2015 and what we plan to accomplish.

For those of you who have been following us along, I sincerely want to thank you for your interest in our project. What we hope to create will be something that you all can enjoy playing and reading and watching…a truly entertaining experience!

Here’s wishing you all a very happy, fun, exciting, and safe New Years!

See you in 2015!!!


Sample Storyboards!!

Hi all! It’s Gen again! 🙂

Last post was just a general rundown of things to come – outlines, timelines and storyboards all included, but this time I want to focus on storyboarding in particular. Now, I am new at this and am getting better and better, but still, it’s good to look back occasionally and see how far you’ve come at doing something.

At first, I started out with simple pencil sketches of camera shots put together to tell a story for a particular cutscene or the trailer for the game. I’m a bit embarrassed by them now, but that feeling is GOOD. It means improvement has happened. Once I began getting more comfortable with the process, I acquired better creative drawing software in which to take over the process, favoring the sketchy, general look of them. [I shall leave the finer details to those more practiced and artistic than I am! XD] But what I have coincides with the cutscene scripts for the voice actors/actresses, and gives the artists an idea of how the scene would play out, so they could have a visual foundation for the scene flow – a foundation that they could improve upon!

Icecap Discovery sbAyesha's Death sb2Ayesha's Death sbDaneel's Retelling sbReen Daneel Confrontation sbDaneel Reen Escape sb

So, enjoy these snippets! Big things to come!! 😀