Poster Progress!!

Hi everyone!

Gen here on the poster! It’s coming along…scraping out a bit more detail; added some more contrast between the background and the foreground. Still working on the alien’s forearm. Reflective materials are a pain for any artist, I would like to think…so yeah, it’s coming along!! Soon these will be finished and printed out in time for the holidays and hopefully distributed!




Enemy Weapon Concept Art

Hey guys!

Sorry about the intermittent postings…things are a bit hectic lately. I am happy, however, about the current batch of artwork we are coming out with (whether it be concept art or promotional material). All of it is pretty exciting stuff! Here’s a little taste of some of it. It’s an enemy weapon currently in development…the Dark Matter Rifle! Two settings…ALL bad for our heroes. 😉

One of big bad's nasty weapons...the Dark Matter Rifle.

One of big bad’s nasty weapons…the Dark Matter Rifle.

More artwork on the way. Stay posted.