Storyboards Redone!!

Gen here!

Welp, these are redone storyboards from the pathetic ones I started with when I first began this internship. Hopefully months from now I’ll look at these and call these pathetic — and many out there may do that now, even. But I am learning! I’m happy to see I’m getting better. Not everything is going out the other ear, ha ha.

Recently I have upgraded from OpenCanvas to Paint Tool Sai, since I do not have (can’t flipping afford) Adobe Photoshop, and I’m really loving Paint Tool Sai. Here I’ve experimented a bit with the many brushes – as many can probably see, I had a bit of a love affair with “Speckle.” Oh, well. It looks like leaves and people from a distance! XD

And unlike the version of OpenCanvas that I have now, Paint Tool Sai actually has a visible cursor for the tool you’re using. OpenCanvas has a nearly invisible little ‘target’ cursor that gets lost in all the art, especially if you’re working in black and white.


Storyboards (Redone!)


Also, check out our Tumblr!!!



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