Business Cards!!

Hi all!!

It’s Gen again!

Okay, so I’ve made some info cards for the game!! 500 are in existence right now and are primarily distributed at the College of William and Mary’s campus – in Sadler Center, Tucker Hall and by Ewell Hall. If anyone knows anyone there who may be interested in this game, let them know!!

I am one of many virtual interns on this project, and as such we are spread out throughout the world (primarily the US, but still!) If any other interns request cards to hand out, these could travel out of Virginia; YAY! ^_^

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Storyboards Redone!!

Gen here!

Welp, these are redone storyboards from the pathetic ones I started with when I first began this internship. Hopefully months from now I’ll look at these and call these pathetic — and many out there may do that now, even. But I am learning! I’m happy to see I’m getting better. Not everything is going out the other ear, ha ha.

Recently I have upgraded from OpenCanvas to Paint Tool Sai, since I do not have (can’t flipping afford) Adobe Photoshop, and I’m really loving Paint Tool Sai. Here I’ve experimented a bit with the many brushes – as many can probably see, I had a bit of a love affair with “Speckle.” Oh, well. It looks like leaves and people from a distance! XD

And unlike the version of OpenCanvas that I have now, Paint Tool Sai actually has a visible cursor for the tool you’re using. OpenCanvas has a nearly invisible little ‘target’ cursor that gets lost in all the art, especially if you’re working in black and white.


Storyboards (Redone!)


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