3rd Person Test Level in Progress

Hi guys.

Sorry for not posting sooner. I’ve had to spend more time than I would have liked shopping for a new car, since our old one decided it didn’t want to work anymore. And after all the love we put into it! What an ingrate. 

Anyways….I thought I’d post about my current task of transferring assets from UDK/UE3 to the new UE4 engine. Unfortunately, there is no easy way (as of yet) to migrate assets between engines. The workflow as it is now is as follows:

1. Export objects from UDK level in .fbx format.

2. Import files into Maya for clean-up.

3. Re-export the same files as .fbx files.

4. Import files into UE4 Content Browser.

Not the most efficient method, but it works for now. Hopefully with future updates from Epic, the UE3 to UE4 conversions will go a bit smoother. Fingers crossed!


That’s all I got for now. Be back to post more soon…promise! 


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