Research, Science Fiction, and Video Games

Hey everyone,

My name is Summer and I am a research/writing (mostly research) intern for this project. The threads that I have been following, tracking down through academic journals, science websites, and through random searches on Google, have led me to some interesting places. As a PhD student, I have to be very careful about finding the most accurate sources, balancing competing theories presented, but with the research I am doing here, it’s more about what can be feasible than what is concrete fact. haha I know it sounds kind of nerdy, but research is actually really fun (becoming something worthwhile when researching topics that interest you). How else would I be able to shift through articles about narratives, video games, science fiction, and actual fiction and be able to call my activities work?

One of my favorite websites to poke around in is    If I find something relevant that interests me, I then branch out to different search engines and academic journals to gather more information. Some really great ideas can come from what is almost possible, and new discoveries are being made every day in history (we can never truly be sure of what happened back then, as archaeological finds keep things interesting), in technology, and in science.


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