Sample Storyboards!!

Hi all! It’s Gen again! šŸ™‚

Last post was just a general rundown of things to come – outlines, timelines and storyboards all included, but this time I want to focus on storyboarding in particular. Now, I am new at this and am getting better and better, but still, it’s good to look back occasionally and see how far you’ve come at doing something.

At first, I started out with simple pencil sketches of camera shots put together to tell a story for a particular cutscene or the trailer for the game. I’m a bit embarrassed by them now, but that feeling is GOOD. It means improvement has happened. Once I began getting more comfortable with the process, I acquired better creative drawing software in which to take over the process, favoring the sketchy, general look of them. [I shall leave the finer details to those more practiced and artistic than I am! XD] But what I have coincides with the cutscene scripts for the voice actors/actresses, and gives the artists an idea of how the scene would play out, so they could have a visual foundation for the scene flow – a foundation that they could improve upon!

Icecap Discovery sbAyesha's Death sb2Ayesha's Death sbDaneel's Retelling sbReen Daneel Confrontation sbDaneel Reen Escape sb

So, enjoy these snippets! Big things to come!! šŸ˜€



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