Story and Storyboards!

Genevieve here! 😀

Legacy’s storyline is nearly finalized – an overhaul of its rather extensive outlines and timeline guides is in progress! Soon we will have all the complete, massive things for reference. And even after that, during its continued production, there certainly will be changes. Such is the ever-flexibility of writing, as everyone probably knows already. But whilst in the process of shaping the game’s plot and characters, it is fascinating to see how complex it has gotten so far. Fascinating and super exciting!!!

Anyway, the Legacy project completely introduced me to storyboarding – I confess I had not done so before – and really helped me grow as an artist! My weakness has always been composition. But I am trying to improve myself as I go – examining camera angles, dramatic lighting, etc. Watching sample animatics and studying other storyboards has really helped – in addition to just playing games or watching movies and studying their compositions, angles, etc. Immersion is the best education, after all. 🙂


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