Success with nParticles!

Hey guys!

Well, after yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Maya’s nParticle system and subsequent corruption of my cache file, I gave it another go today and YAY….success!!!! There is a very specific visual effect that I was trying to create for the upcoming teaser trailer and I finally got it to work right today. Gotta cherish the small victories when you get them!

So, in celebration, I’m going to post a cool render of one of the alien cruisers. Enjoy!


Sound Design work!

Hey there!

Just a short little update from me today. Right now I’m working on some sound effects for the teaser trailer using Apple Soundtrack on my networked iMac. The basic sound library isn’t too extensive, but by mixing and matching different sound tracks, you can come up with some pretty good sounds for your animations, films, etc.

Making "blub blub" sounds!

Making “blub blub” sounds!